The Pauline Quirke Academy and Shakespeare Schools Foundation join forces

The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts, a national performing arts school for under 18s, has partnered with SSF for the first time in 2018

Our partnership has formed during PQA’s 10 year anniversary year and has developed due to our shared vision: ‘An aspiration to provide young people with life skills through performing arts training.’

Both PQA and SSF understand the significant contribution Shakespeare’s work has made to theatre and the English language. Studies show that learning Shakespeare can have a wonderful effect on children - in fact, evaluation conducted by SSF shows that 99% of teachers said their students’ confidence increased, and 97% of teachers agreed that their students were better at working together as a team as a result of the Festival.

Students at PQA learn skills valuable skills for everyday life, not just the performing arts. Children will also get a massive self-esteem boost from many of the actual performance opportunities on offer too. Taking a bow at a theatre full of people applauding you grows confidence like nothing else. Parents are impressed not just by the huge change in their child's confidence but by the speed at which that change can occur, which in some cases can be as a little as a few weeks.

Speaking of the new partnership, actor Pauline Quirke said “We were looking at ways to celebrate our 10th anniversary and we decided that we wanted to support a children’s educational charity. We met with Ruth, the CEO of SSF, and really liked the amazing work they do and the impact they have on children’s lives. We also share very similar values, engaging diverse groups of children and helping give them the confidence to succeed in life through performing arts education.”

Our CEO Ruth Brock said….

“We are delighted to be partnering with The Pauline Quirke Academy as we both celebrate important anniversaries – 18 years for SSF and 10 years for PQA. Giving young people the skills they need for their futures is at the heart of what we both do. Performance is a key skill for life. Whether in a theatre, a courtroom, boardroom, factory floor or classroom, standing up, joining in and speaking out is crucial. SSF is excited to see how collaborating with PQA will help us both in reaching the young people who need us the most and deepening our impact.

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