To Festival or Not Festival - A guide to persuading your teacher to sign up for the Theatre Festival

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!”

Or lend me your eyes to briefly explain how you can persuade your teachers that taking part in the Shakespeare Schools Theatre Festival is an exciting and life-altering experience.

Firstly, share your own experiences of performance, whatever they may be. As someone who has personal experience both taking part in and watching performances created through the Theatre Festival, I was able to talk to teachers at my school about what an amazing experience it is, and how there are numerous benefits for students and teachers alike.

Taking part in the festival gave me the ability to go beyond my comfort zone, and to develop confidence in expressing my ideas and opinions in different settings.

In the words of Shakespeare, “All the world's a stage”. Taking part in Shakespeare Schools Theatre Festival gave me the ability to realise my potential in everyday life.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on.”

Next, explain that becoming involved in Shakespeare Schools Theatre Festival would encourage their students to believe in themselves and give them the springboard to go on to wonderful places. Tell them: as a teacher, you could give your students the opportunity they need to accomplish their dreams.

Finally, let them know that taking part in Shakespeare Schools Theatre Festival allows young people to explore and reimagine Shakespeare, to take his words off the page and mould them into something unique and new. They would gain a fundamental understanding of some of the great literature that shaped our language and culture.

To Festival or not to Festival? Is there really any question?

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