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Arts Award and Coram SSF have always shared a belief that the arts should be an instrumental aspect of school life for young people and this year, of all years, we agree that they have never been more important. Either through an adopted ‘Recovery Curriculum’ or the implementation of a broad and balanced curriculum, we know that the arts have the power to transform lives.

Students will need time and space to re-learn how to interact and communicate with their peers and respond to the losses they have experienced during the pandemic. We know that the Festival and Arts Award provide opportunities for students to develop team working skills, grow in confidence and achieve their goals - despite of the year they've had. For more information on how Arts Award could contribute towards a Recovery Curriculum, Arts Award have their own blog and webinar which are free to access.

As part of our ongoing partnership, Arts Award is offering a discounted rate to all participating Coram SSF groups who are running Arts Award as part of their process.

To find out how you can align your Festival experience with Arts Award, the details of the discount and how to claim it, click on one of the resources below.

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