Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation relies on the help of our committed supporters: trusts and foundations, individual donors and partners. Our work would not be possible without the generosity of people like you.

"As a child who was rather put off by the complexities and difficulties of Shakespeare, I have been amazed by the work of Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation, and by the children who take part in their events." Hugh Dennis, Comedian and Actor, Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation Patron

Every pound we receive is spent wisely

We spend the majority of every donation on producing a high quality Festival in order to have the greatest possible impact on our participants.

11% is spent on raising funds to continue our work and just 10% on office costs. A small amount is spent on producing merchandise, curriculum resources and designing workshop which are sold in order to generate revenue which goes back into the charity.

We sincerely appreciate every gift we receive and work hard to ensure it is spent wisely to give young people this unique opportunity to achieve more and gain confidence, teamwork and ambition.

How we spend it