Every year, Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation runs thrilling standalone workshops with thousands of young people in primary, secondary and SEND schools across the country. Fully customisable and designed to get participants working actively, these sessions will leave your group illuminated, energised and empowered to further explore Shakespeare's words. Find out how your school could benefit from our student workshop offer today.

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Who is it for?

We run student workshops for primary, secondary and SEND students. All our workshops can be tailored to the needs, interests and abilities of your students.

Playing Shakespeare

Suitable for Year 8 upwards: (Key Stages 3 and above). Our Playing Shakespeare workshop is a masterclass in Shakespearean performance. Our creative facilitators use a range of vocal, textual and movement techniques from leading rehearsal rooms to unlock students' creativity, enhance teamwork and communication skills and boost their confidence.

Storytime Shakespeare

Suitable for Primary or SEND schools. We will deliver a workshop with every year group throughout the day. This unique comprehensive experience will introduce your students to a Shakespeare story, bring characters to life and explore Shakespeare’s language. The day will end with a sharing of the story for parents and carers.

Unlocking Shakespeare

Suitable for Year 10 upwards: (Key Stage 4 and above). Grounded in the GCSE English Assessment Objectives, our ‘Unlocking Shakespeare’ workshop uses rehearsal room techniques to accelerate your students’ understanding of the story, characters, language and key themes. It is the perfect workshop to get your students up to speed with GCSE Shakespeare English content in an engaging, playful and meaningful way.

Bespoke workshops for SEND Schools

Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation’s active and inclusive approach engages over a thousand pupils with Special Educational Needs each year, proving that Shakespeare is for everyone. Our workshops for SEND schools are always bespoke, built in accordance with individual needs and areas of interest.

Play in a Day

Suitable for Years 4 - 6 (Key Stage 2). Our Play in a Day workshop is a fun, interactive day culminating in a Shakespearean performance. Exploring Shakespeare with Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation encourages open-mindedness and curiosity in students as they navigate the characters and stories and our Play in a Day workshop is the most innovative way to embed resilience and creativity into your school reopening, facilitating reconnection both socially and educationally as we all settle into the ‘new normal’.

Summer Dreaming

Suitable for Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6) and Year 7. Your class will enjoy two days of workshops with Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation directors, then present an outdoor, site-specific performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The performance is a combination of narration, music, movement sequences and short scenes using the original Shakespearean text. Learning experientially, your pupils will build deep knowledge and understanding of one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays whilst building collaboration and communication skills.